Lunch Program & Menu

HOT LUNCH MENU ($3.50 includes entree, milk or water, and salad bar)

may 16 pizza/corn/fruit/salad
may 17 beef and cheese burritos/ salsa/fruit/salad
may 18 sloppy joes/curly fries/green beans/fruit/salad
may 19 chicken parmesan/ garlic bread/ fruit/salad
may 20 sausage/biscuit/yogurt/fruit/salad
may 23 chicken patty/rice pilaf/ green pepper slices/fruit/salad
may 24 tacos/corn muffin/fruit/salad
may 25 picnic lunch
may 26 chicken noodle soup/bosco stick/celery/ fruit/salad
may 27 pancakes/choice of sausage or eggs/ fruit/salad
may 30 no school
may 31 cheese quesadilla/broccoli/fruit/salad
june 1 turkey sub/chips/fruit cups/ salad
june 2 cook’s choice
june 3 1/2 day last day of school!

Debit System

To view your child’s account and deposit funds, click here: Holy Family School Cafeteria

Instructions for depositing funds (DEBIT SYSTEM) can be found here.

Cafeteria Staff

To contact the school office, please call 810.694.9072 ext. 2100

Lisa Harvey