Diane Coxon

Music Teacher and Librarian


  • Bachelor of Music Education from Western Illinois University
  • Received my teaching certificate in 1973.

What year did you begin teaching?

I taught for five years in a public school in Woodridge, Illinois.  I began teaching at Holy Family in 2001.

Favorite Subject:

I have enjoyed working in the library starting in 2012, but my first love will be the music room.  I enjoy teaching the students how to play a recorder.

Why I became a teacher.

I love children and enjoy watching them discover the magic of music.  It is rewarding to me to have students start piano or guitar lessons because they found a love for music too.

What I like most about teaching at Holy Family.

I love that fact that students learn about the Bible and can express their love of God through prayer.  In addition, the families that send their children here are wonderful to work with as volunteers in the school.

How your faith influences my teaching?

My love of God is expressed to the children through the songs that we learn for Mass.  I want the children to learn to express their love of God through prayer and song.  I feel singing God’s praises should be a joyful and uplifting experience for the students.

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