Theresa C. Purcell

Assistant Principal


  • Bachelor of Arts/Teaching Certificate – University of Michigan
  • Masters Degree in Reading and Language Arts – Oakland University

What year did you begin teaching?

I began teaching in 1991 at my former grade school, St. John Vianney Catholic School in Flint.  I began teaching at Holy Family Catholic School in 1992.  I have been here more than 20 years and have loved every moment!

Favorite Subjects  

My favorite subjects have always been language arts and math.  I enjoy reading and learning new things.  I am a very logical and methodical person, so math and I “hit it off” at an early age!

Why I chose to become a teacher

I chose to become a teacher because of the experiences I had with my teachers, especially my sixth grade teacher.  I felt very loved and respected when I was in school and looked up to my teachers.  They were wonderful role models.  Teaching is also a way I could incorporate my faith, love of learning, art, music, and photography.  This vocation allows me to experience something different every day and to make a difference in our world!

What I like most about teaching at Holy Family

My favorite thing about teaching at Holy Family is the fact that I get to share my faith and my love of learning with my students.  Working with the HFS staff, students, and parents are the significant factors of why I love my job.  (I also get to go to school with my daughters!)

How your faith influences teaching

My faith and teaching go hand-in-hand.  I begin or end each lesson with a reflection on what a wonderful world God has given us.  I would not know how to teach any other way!

Your favorite bible passage

I have two favorite passages.  Jesus said, “I am the vine; you are the branches.”  Another favorite, “Anything is possible with God.”

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