Sister Sharon Hektor

Teacher Associate for grades Y5’s, K, 1, & 2, and substitute in any grade Y5-8th grade


  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education + 24 Graduate Hours in Education 

What year did you begin teaching? How long have you been teaching at Holy Family?

I earned my Teaching Degree in May 1997 from U of M Flint.  I have been teaching at Holy Family since then.  

Favorite Subjects

Reading and Math 

Why I chose to become a teacher

I was secretary at Holy Family School from 1971-1997.   I often saw students who were sent to the office and were struggling with their work.  They seemed to be in need of help, and I wanted to help them in whatever way I could.  The way I felt I could most help them was to get my teaching degree and become a teacher.  I have had the privilege of working with students on a one to one basis or in small groups since receiving my teaching degree.  

What I like most about teaching at Holy Family

I like working in a Catholic environment, and with the Faculty and Staff.  The Faculty and Staff are very supportive and really care about helping one another, especially when there is a crisis in someone’s life or family. 

How your faith influences teaching

God is so patient with me, and I ask God for patience as I work with the students.  We are all God’s children, we all have different abilities, and He loves us even when we fail. 

Your favorite bible passage

“O Lord You have probed me and you know me. You know when I sit and when I stand….” Psalm 139

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