2023-2024 HFS Calendar

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Attached is our 2023-2024 School Calendar. Regular student attendance, an essential
cornerstone of learning, is based upon a partnership between home and school. Together, they
can help to develop responsible habits for future schooling and employment. The attendance
habits that are developed in elementary school will continue through middle school, high
school, and college. Students who are encouraged to be in school are likely to value the
importance of education. They have a better chance at success due to these values. Consistent,
regular attendance is essential if a student is to achieve academic success. When a student is
absent, it places that student behind what his/her classmates are learning. Not only does the
student need to make up the material from the day that he/she was absent, but it also places
him/her at a disadvantage for the current day’s work because the student doesn’t have the
previous day’s knowledge on which to build. In some subjects, such as math, this is crucial.

In order to count for a day of instruction, we must have 75% of our students in school on any
given day per the State of Michigan. Unfortunately, this current year, the ½ day before
Thanksgiving, we did not meet that requirement. Fortunately, our calendar was set with an
extra day, so we were not mandated to add a day to our school year. However, if we had a
similar case where on any given date we had less than 75% of our student body present, we
would have to add a day back into our 2023-2024 school calendar because it does not include
an extra day. This may mean a four day weekend becomes three days or instead of ending on
June 5th, we would end on June 6th. Every effort should be made to schedule family
vacations on non-school days for this reason. (Please refer to our school calendar when
planning vacations.)

A more detailed calendar will be shared with all the special events/activities at a later date.
We will work with the parish calendar to include all events and share the facilities.

Have a great evening!
Mrs. Theresa Purcell, Principal
Holy Family School

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